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August 28, 2006




I visited your blog, Me Being Me, and well I was impressed with it
as well as with your blog’s content. I am wondering if you might like to do something that would be fun and would help both of us out?

I am asking the following questions on my blog and am looking for people’s responses. If you do respond please include your blog or web link along with a brief description of your blog or website and I will
post it to my blog and site for you.

The questions are:

(1). What if God were a Republican?

(2). What if God were a Democrat?

(3). What if God were a Woman?

(4). What if God were a Business Person?

I also have an area where you can post RAVES or RANTS.

I ask you please to share your blog or site with my readers and me and then share my blog with your growing number of readers as well. Let's post, share links, and both experience greater success with our blogs!
How does that sound?

Let’s have some fun with this and help each other out.

My web blog address is

Thank You.

To YOUR success!

Warmest Regards,

Harold Cameron
Chief of Helping People
Phone (570) 719-1175

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